One World One Heart is the energy clearing platform

on this website you can find clearers to have you, your home, workspace and land cleared,
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… the developed ability to consciously be aware of what you are feeling. To understand why from a holistic perspective.
This results in discharge and acceptance of anything and everyone at any moment.

Clearing creates

Being cleared profoundly relaxes and heals body & mind, buildings and the earth. It induces all-encompassing self-empowerment and peace. Which creates flow in your life and therefore also in the lives of the ones around you, in your home and workspace.

The international and experienced group of clearers on this website offer you personal and space clearing sessions and workshops.

Special offer for new clearers

A deeper understanding of clearing and an opportunity to practice the clearing work with an experienced clearer. This service is now available for those who have taken at least one (online) clearing course with Eric Dowsett and are eager to practice and learn:

  • practicing clearing and room for Q&A
  • adapted to your clearing experience
  • working one-on-one with an experienced clearer
  • communication in Dutch, English, French or German
  • 4 x 40 minutes video call sessions, to complete within 4 months
  • current special offer: € 44 (ex. VAT) for 4 sessions

To start your sessions, contact Steffi SchottTeresa Luttrell or Véronique Levadou 

These sessions helped me to bring clearing into my daily life. With questions and conversations the difference between doing and not-doing became more clear. I also noticed an increase of my consciousness about (not) setting expectations and judgement. All topics and questions were welcome and I felt understood. It gave me more confidence in clearing. As I didn’t had questions on a regular basis, it was nice to be able to plan the sessions when I needed to have one.”

Kim W.

Having a clearing session every week for a period of eight weeks was a gift to myself. In the online meetings we had, all my questions were discussed and answered. Next to this, there was also time to practice clearing in several different ways. It was very nice to work with an experienced clearer. These meetings definitely deepened my clearing practice.

Osca Bouma

Living and working with clearing – interviews with energy clearers


4 August 2021

Ghost energies, bringing up and homeschooling five children, handcrafted art, writer, nature photo therapy: Heather embodies clearing as a way of life.


24 May 2021

Amara talks about her extensive and continuous journey of
self-discovery and energy work.


22 April 2021

Lois shares some of her highlights of clearing and life insights.


31 January 2021

Annelies and Franca asked each other the same questions about how they live and work with clearing.


9 December 2020

Nicole shares her experience and thoughts about one of the most asked questions about energy clearing work.


20 November 2020

In August 2020, Therese opened up a home interior store where visitors can experience environmental harmony as well.

Feature 1

Connect with your local clearer for either personal or space clearing, or both.

The OWOH clearers are longtime participants at Eric Dowsett‘s workshops and retreats and they are active lifelong clearing students.

Feature 2

By attending clearing events, you have the opportunity to learn about energy clearing and to learn to practice clearing yourself.

Learning clearing is never-ending and in the meantime it changes you and your life.

On the Events page we list live or online courses, meditations, residentials and workshops.

Feature 3

One World One Heart celebrates the diversity of the clearers, how they practice clearing and the many ways to tell about clearing.

Find out more here: about OWOH and about clearing.

Go to OWOH’s articles and videos.

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