About the clearers

The clearers of One World One Heart are women and men around the world who have participated in Eric Dowsett’s workshops and retreats, and who have extensive and/or longtime experience with clearing themselves, others, situations and spaces.

Some of them offer clearing services for free and/or for a fee. Some others offer no clearing services (yet) and are available to be contacted to acquire all you want to know about energy clearing.

All clearers on OWOH have integrated clearing in their way of living and working. They are the supporters of this website and its mission. All are available to clear for OWOH’s donors as well as to provide you in English and in their local language with information about clearing.

Find your local clearer here.

One of the motives to realise this website was not only to display the contact details of the clearers and the clearing services they offer. On this page with articles, interviews (to be posted soon) and videos (to be posted soon), find out who these clearers are, which impact clearing has on their life and work, and, how diversely they practice energy clearing.

video (9 December 2020)

In this video, energy clearer Nicole Kincaid is answering – in her words and with her own experience – the question she gets asked the most: “Do you get drained when you do energy work?”



article (20 november 2020)

A mother, a wife, an energy clearer, owner of a feng shui business and home interior store, and much more. This is a very short enumeration to describe Therese Uyterlinde Österman. The article focusses on how one of her dreams recently came to life and how she used her life experience and energy clearing to realize it.

text: Véronique Levadou | photo: Stéphanie Driessen

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Born in Sweden, living in The Netherlands for many years, in August this year Therese opened up a home interior store in Haarlem.

“I always wanted to create a space where people can experience how living in harmony with your environment feels like”.

As a young girl, Therese had a natural impulse to rearrange objects in her family house. “After cleaning-up or moving objects and giving them a new place, it felt better and it was making more sense”. This is one of the first memories which is part of the common thread of Therese’s way of living and working to harmonize spaces.

Together with her husband, Therese raised two children and they moved twice between The Netherlands and Sweden. Around that time, she followed extensive training in healing, feng shui and shamanism. Growing up on a small island in Sweden, nature and natural elements always played a big part in Therese’s life.

The process of starting her own business is one of many years in which Therese was collecting knowledge, inspiration and courage to follow her dream. The day she put her intention and energy on designing her business logo, was the day it became visible and clients began to contact her.

Out of curiosity how others were working with energy in homes, Therese discovered energy clearing by Eric Dowsett and started reading his books she borrowed from her father-in-law, who went to his workshops many years ago. After attending several personal and space clearing workshops and retreats in The Netherlands and Italy, she added energy clearing to the services she already offered to her clients. Even though personal clearing is often connected with space clearing, she has a slight preference for the latter. “When you experience imbalance in your house, you can solve that with energy clearing. After clearing, a space feels like you can breathe and move around more freely as the pressure is gone. Clearing is a positive renewal of your space”.

About one year ago, Therese found the building for her interior shop. How one resonates with a space, is very important for Therese. When she went to visit the building for the first time, before entering, she took some time to make a connection from a distance with the building. She looked at it from the other side of the road, tuning into the store and the surrounding environment. She continued being aware of what she felt when she approached the old shop, in a way any space clearer would approach a site to be cleared. Many surrounding elements and aspects can influence spaces. By doing this, Therese consciously felt a flow of energy within her while she was connecting with it. That was the moment she knew this was the place she wanted for her shop.

Before embarking on her new adventure, as an active member of One World One Heart and the clearing community, she asked fellow energy clearers to clear the upcoming store to ensure all unbalanced energies would be lifted. During the renovation, the shop was taken over by many workers. She literally and figuratively gave them space to work while she prepared the concept, design and hunt for sustainable interior products.

“Harmony and balance are essential. The products in the store are all related to the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water). The guideline for the store is the natural rhythm of the elements, the balance of yin and yang that we find in all living things”. Therese handpicked and cleared each object, from the furniture, vase, stone, plant to a blanket, to assemble a well-balanced inventory.

As the store, now the core business of her company, is currently in a balanced state, regular conscious clearing it is not required. Therese is unconsciously harmonizing the space by just being connected to her environment. Each visitor is commenting on how beautiful, calm or inspiring they experience the store. Now and then some visitors drop by just to feel the ambiance of the space.