Clearing is the developed ability to notice what you are feeling and to understand why from a holistic perspective. This allows the clearer to notice, accept and release whatever feelings arise in their body which, in turn, supports people and the environment to relax and allowing healing to begin.

Common benefits of practicing clearing are: harmony in every aspect in life, inner peace, work-life balance, quietness of the mind, acceptance of everything and everyone.

During clearing workshops and retreats you receive extensive information on how to notice, to tune in and to embrace all kinds of information, e.g. emotions, earth energies, electromagnetic fields and medication. You practice personal and space/environmental clearing by doing many different exercises on your own and more often with a diverse group of clearers, younger and elder women and men, with experience and no clearing experience, from various parts of the world.

Personal clearing is the support of another person, assisting her or him by releasing any buildup of stress and therefore also for yourself.
Space clearing or environmental clearing looks at the energies in the home, workplace or general environment and helps to restore a more peaceful, balanced environment.

Clearing can be explained in many ways because it is not a system, not spiritual, not a procedure, nor are there levels to attain. It is just a simple way of being and until now the word clearing seems to be the easiest to clarify that way. Clearers are encouraged to use their own words and experiences to explain clearing. All have different experiences and these change over time:

“Clearing is the art of truly being available for whatever and whoever shows up.”

“Clearing benefits the practitioner as well as the client by developing an increased ability to embrace all information and emotion that show up in your life, bringing an end to an endless stream of conflict and the need to fix everything.”

“Clearing is a way of being, living, working, communicating, connecting, self-empowerment, knowledge, and, a way to freedom, happiness and unconditional love.”

“Clearing is an ongoing exercise which allows you to change internally. It becomes an integrated part of who you are.”

“Clearing helps you notice and understand what you experience and when you tune in to someone, a space or a situation. In the aware noticing, relaxation can happen and stress falls away.”

“Clearing is a way to reduce stress in your home, for you, your co-habitants and the environment, and at your workspace, for you, your colleagues, clients and business.”

“When I clear, I notice what I feel when tuning into someone, a situation or a location, whatever sensation, be it an emotion, memory or physical sensation. Through my training, I am able to simply notice the feeling and accept it, without, for example, blame or judgement. By not taking the feeling personally, the blame or judgement associated with the feeling falls away. This creates an opportunity for the person I am clearing to relax.”

There is nothing really new about clearing. It is just ancient teachings presented in modern day language. The challenge most people have comprehending clearing, is its simplicity. Clearing is so effortless that often our brain has a difficult time to grasp the concept. Fortunately, we have our body and all our senses to understand clearing in many other ways than through thinking and to allow whatever shows up without judgment.

If you have any questions about clearing, ask one of the clearers and/or attend one of the clearing events to experience and practice clearing. Read on: about the clearers.